Posted in on September 10th, 2011

“In May 2009 we took our beloved German Shepherd Zac to Sydney to have the Adicell stem cell treatment for arthritis as it was not available in Adelaide at the time. The scans revealed that in addition to arthritis, Zac also had spondylosis and a spur on the spine.

After the treatment it seemed that he was losing muscle and flexibility and it was recommended that we try some massage therapy to get him back into form.

Griselda has been massaging Zac regularly since Sept and we can see that it is making a huge difference to his mobility. We felt it was particularly important to keep his front end mobile as this section does more work when he is getting up and down.ZacBone

We have also changed his diet to BARF and the combination of these two changes as well as a change in medication, has given us a much happier, healthier and mobile dog. As devotees of regular massages ourselves, it seemed a sensible thing to do for our much loved pet.

Zac loves his regular visits from Griselda.

Thank you Griselda for all your care and assistance”

Zach3 Zach Zach2


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