Posted in on September 10th, 2011

“My Pomeranian X Maltese had a luxating patella that required surgery. This surgery was very stressful on him, and without the love, support and after surgery care from Griselda, I am certain that Toby would not have come as far as he has in the time frame he did.

Rehabilitation after surgery is so important and with Griselda coming to our home, it made it that much more comfortable and securing for Toby as he is not all that good with strangers. Griselda made special work outs for Toby that I could do in my time to make his recovery so much more speedy.

I highly recommend the services of Doggy Bliss, it is personalized, caring and real!” – Debbie Mundy, Moving Paws Inc.

Toby also had a stent implant surgery. He was in hospital for 17 days. Griselda visited him on regular occasions performing Reiki to assist with healing. This is Toby during his recovery.



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