Posted in on June 22nd, 2016

“Tim’s face lights up the moment we tell him Griselda is coming that day. He spends his morning rushing from the door to the window to his bed, waiting impatiently for her arrival. He knows that soon it’ll be his time.

Tim is a 13 year old boxer. He has always been a family member rather than a pet. His favourite moments are when everyone is together, at home, preferably dropping bits of dinner onto the floor. When we all started travelling for a few years he got quite sad. On top of a cancer scare and a desexing at an older age he gained a lot of weight and his arthritis brought him to a complete stand still. The barely got out of bed, didn’t want to walk or play. The vet prescribed a drug to help the muscle/bone pain, but it was hurting Tim’s tummy. We were getting ready to say goodbye.

We found Griselda. Slowly she began working on this poor broken dog, trying to sooth his aching body. Then, everything changed. The family had all come home, first with an addition for a new kitten friend for Timmy then with a new baby. Tim slowly got his energy back. Monthly visits from Griselda plus a daily dose of turmeric had given Tim a new life. He was in his happy place again and his body slowly began catching up. He lost a bunch of weight, stopped taking any medicines and started running and jumping again.

Today, he barely has a limp. He behaves like a dog of 5 years old. Griselda’s presence in his life not only helped Tim physically but more importantly emotionally.



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