Posted in on August 3rd, 2015

“Rupert and Gris met each other in April 2015.   Rupert loves meeting people and

often beats us to front door to greet visitors so when he met Gris he was ever so


 After the initial smelling ritual of someone new and watering the front lawn we

all went inside to have a chat.

We explained why we wanted him to have massages – well us humans do because

we are sore and stiff so why shouldn’t dogs, right?  We explained to Gris what we

have been noticing in him – he is getting stiffer (arthritis) being an older greyhound

in body (but still young at heart!), very sensitive when you touch him (he would

yelp), being tentative on his hind legs when he walked backwards and we just

wanted to give him the best possible comfort in his later years. We also wanted to

give him a healthier diet and Gris suggested introducing BARF, natural yogurt and


Rupert had a bit of apprehension at first when Gris touched him, but Gris had a

way to fix that – some chicken (his favourite food)!  I swear Rupert was thinking

“what is she doing and why is she touching me like that!”.  He soon relaxed as

much as he could and realised she was here to help him. We stayed in the room to

watch as we had never seen a doggy massage before. 

He was a bit sore after his first and second massage as Gris had loosened him up.

 We noticed an improvement in his mobility after his second massage. We were

only in the room for a bit while Rupert settled down both times as it takes him a

while to lie down.

When he had his third massage he also had Reiki done. It was amazing he lay on

the mat straight away (no treats required) and let Gris do her thing. Halfway

through he needed a wee and drink break and then came back into the room gave

Gris a nose kiss and lay on his other side so that Gris could continue. It just melted

my heart seeing that.

It is amazing seeing how different he was after his third session. He had more

movement and energy. He is always a happy boy but after his massages he is sooo


After only 3 massages we have noticed a HUGE difference he doesn’t yelp

anymore when we touch him and he is fine now when he walks backwards.  His

coat has improved immensely as well due to changes in his diet.

If you love your pooches and want to give them the best I strongly suggest doggy

massages and Reiki to help them.”  

– Liz Knobben







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