Posted in on August 2nd, 2015

“Rogan is an 11 year old Greyhound.

I initially took Rogan to the vet at the end of 2012 because he was getting tired on his walks and walking quite slowly. He also had a trembling in his back legs. The vet identified a stiffness and inflammation in the muscles around the centre of his spine and attributed it to the long term effects of past injuries he would have sustained as a racing greyhound.

The vet recommended massage and acupuncture as long term methods of treating this, as taking anti-inflammatories over a long period is not advisable.
I had previously met Griselda at a Pet Expo a few years back, where she did a demonstration massage on the first greyhound we had, Whisky. So I was familiar with her and I contacted her to arrange an appointment.
I also took Rogan to see a specialist canine acupuncture therapist Mathew Condon from Chiropet here in Adelaide.
Prior to treatment Rogan used to walk slowly and was a bit lethargic.
He now walks well and is always enthusiastic for his walks. He is happy. His back legs still tremble a bit but I have been advised that this is normal for a dog of his age with low-grade arthritis.

After the first couple of sessions it was clear that he was more mobile and keen to walk. I think his massage sessions are beneficial as an ongoing treatment to prevent him having more stiffness, inflammation and to keep him mobile.

Rogan has had a handful of acupuncture sessions which were also beneficial as he was also more mobile after them. Mathew is happy for Griselda to manage Rogan’s treatment and for him to see Rogan occasionally as needed.

Canine Myofunctional Therapy is good particularly for older dogs. In our case with a dog that has sustained physical injuries in his youth, this can exacerbate arthritis and joint problems as he ages, and so CMT is a good way of minimizing his discomfort and enabling him to be active.

It’s also great for him to see Griselda – she loves him and is really passionate about her work. She is very compassionate and caring and this flows through to her work.”

– Katy Osborne



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