Poppy and Ivy

Posted in on August 4th, 2015

“I first engaged the services of Griselda from Doggy Bliss for my two dogs “the Girls” (fur babies) for a treat for them whilst they were in Boarding while I was away.

I was so impressed with the level of professionalism from the very first meeting, we had a consultation to discuss any medical and/or behavioural history and Griselda was very thorough in her attention to them right down to picking up on a couple of slight abnormalities in gait.

The care taken to ensure that they were comfortable with being handled and massaged was immeasurable and I was instantly at ease. Needless to say my girls enjoyed every minute of their massages, they were very relaxed throughout and even went to sleep ( I know this because I got video footage sent to me!)…..I’m positive this is what helped relieve the stress of being away from me….thank you so much Griselda.” – Leanne Page
“When Griselda comes to the shelter to work with and massage some of the long term dogs at the AWL we all see and hear the difference. The dogs get a chance to finally relax in such a high stress environment, they stop barking, they sit or lay down quietly and seem to be left in a state of relaxation…they really do love the massage and it helps them to calm down and often then get some real rest….the results are just amazing.” – Animal Welfare League Manager

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