Jasper and Quin

Posted in on August 2nd, 2015

“Jasper and Quin are Lakeland Terriers with a whole lot of energy. They love to jump, swim, bound and play tug-of-war; all of this leads to their legs feeling tired and lots of tension in their shoulders and back. Griselda (Aunty Grissy to Jasper and Quin) has been treating Jasper and Quin consistently for around five years and we see a noticeable difference after each massage. They’re relaxed, calm and more easy going in general. Jasper also has a niggling injury in her back leg that Griselda treats and makes a positive difference to the way Jasper uses her leg.

This isn’t the only reason we book their massages in every six weeks; when Aunty Grissy arrives, they’re just as excited as they are when we come home. Aunty Grissy always brings treats with her and she has a uncanny way of communicating with the dogs that soothes them. Griselda’s professionalism, knowledge, passion and undeniable skill is second to none. We have seen the positive impact massage therapy has on Jasper and Quin, and recommend Griselda to anyone with a dog, without hesitation.”
– Tom Williamson







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