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The owner’s perspective – Questionnaire from Dogs Life Magazine Article

1. What is your dog’s name, breed and age?

Chachi; Chihuahua Terrier X; 8 years

2. How old was your dog when you sought CMT treatment?

7 years

3. Why did you choose to seek Myofunctional Therapy as a treatment option for your dog?

We were keen for a remedial therapy solution that could potentially promote increased nerve responsiveness

and circulation to his back legs that remain weakened following a spinal injury (and surgery), would relieve

muscle tension in his neck and back caused by the slight bend to the left that he now lives with, but that he would

also get pleasure and relaxation from since he truly loves a hands-all-over pamper.

4. What was your dog’s condition prior to treatment?

Chachi had gone from complete paralysis in his rear half due to the spinal injury (ruptured disk mid-spine sent

fragments into his spinal cavity), recovered amazingly well post-surgery. Following a year of hydro-therapy to

retrain his rear legs to walk and other specialized rehab exercises, he never fully recovered the strength,

stability/control and normal motility in his rear legs, has a slight bend/misalignment to the left, and constantly

displayed muscular spasms and facial cringing.

5. What is your dog like now?

The treatments have been amazing for their relief of muscular tension and knots in his neck and back, resulting

in a huge reduction in the muscular spasms and facial cringing. It is wonderful to see the range and willingness of

his back stretches too. He displays some improved mobility in his rear legs following treatments, but this is sadly

somewhat counteracted by his belief that he is completely 100% which leads to a tendency to physically overdo

it running/jumping between treatments. We are working hard to restrict this behavior so as to not negate

improvements from the CMT. I have noticed most recently that the speed of paw flip test response has improved,

in particular the rear right paw that was previously very slow due to nerve damage, this is a great result.

6. How many sessions has your dog undergone and when did you first see indications that it was paying


10 sessions (monthly) so far; almost immediately as far as his muscular tension and spasms were concerned.

7. Had you sought other treatment options?

After ceasing hydro-therapy and the rehab exercises, we found Griselda Nelson (Doggy Bliss) and CMT. In

conjunction with the CMT we give Chachi daily Rosehip fruit powder and are shifting towards an older dog

joint/arthritis care diet.

After Griselda alerted us to Chachi displaying signs of leg pain and shying away from treatment of his right rear

leg during his last treatment, we are looking into targeted anti-inflammatory treatment via our vet to give

Griselda’s CMT the best chance of lasting nerve and circulation recovery, and retaining the improved mobility


8. Would you recommend CMT to other dog owners?

We absolutely would. It is a great part of Chachi’s and our family’s routine. I wish we could do it more often.

– Taryn, Darren and Harper.





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