Posted in on August 3rd, 2015

“I first contacted Doggy Bliss after Armani (French Bulldog) was bitten by an insect and suffered mild paralysis in his hind legs.  I was immediately impressed by Griselda’s professional & caring manner, it is very apparent that she has a genuine love for animals, and when Armani met her- their connection was immediate.

Griselda uses a combination of reiki, gentle massage & muscle flexions/extensions during her therapy sessions with Armani. Couple that with aromatherapy spray, relaxation music & treats…Griselda’s clients really do get a 5 star experience!

Armani sees Griselda every 4-5 weeks, and I really see the benefits from her visits.  As Armani also suffers with mild hip dysplasia and a luxating patellar, Griselda’s therapy helps to ease his discomfort by working through some very tight muscles, which allows him more freedom in his movement and a much more relaxed & settled Frenchie!

I would definitely recommend Griselda’s treatments to other dog owners!”

– Amanda & Armani

Armani2 Armani3


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