What’s so special about BARF?

Doctor B'sThe only diet that will ensure maximum health and longevity for our pets is their Evolutionary Diet. A diet based on raw meaty bones, offal and other healthy foods such as eggs, fruit and vegetables.

Benefits of Feeding Dr. B’s BARF

  • Healthier Skin, Coat & Nails
  • Improvement in Arthritis
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Digestive System Health
  • Improved Kidney and Heart Health
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Liver, Pancreatic & Bowel Health
  • Healthier Teeth
  • Eliminates Bad Breath
  • Leaner Body Mass
  • Reduced Stool Volume and Odour
  • Eliminates “smelly” wind
  • Minimise the chance of degenerative disease (cancer, heart, liver etc)
  • Greater resistance to fleas & internal parasites

Ordering BARF

Call Griselda Nelson on 0411 730 078 for delivery in the adelaide metro area. On orders of 5 or more rolls delivery will be free (within the metro area).

Accepted method of payment: Cash, Cheque or Direct Deposit.

BARF Menus

Information about the flavours available, along with ingredients and nutritional information, can be found on Doctor B’s website.

How I got started with BARF

In 2006 I attended a seminar hosted by Dr Ian Billinghurst. I was so impressed with the concept of his way of feeding pets. What he said regarding how important and logical the evolutionary diet is for our companions, made sense to me.

That night I made the choice of beginning to feed my dog, Barley, the best diet possible…THE RAW DIET – BARF “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”.Honey and Ian

Barley (my soul-mate Spoodle) was 11months old when he started the diet. Soon his coat looked shiny, his breath smelt fresh and the biggest change was in his stools -perfectly formed and LITTLE BAD SMELL. That was AMAZING!!!

I was so happy with the results Barley was getting from his BARF diet, I started recommending it to everyone.

In February 2007 I became a sub- distributor for BARF Australia.

I love my BARF deliver days! When I arrive at my clients home, there are always very happy doggies waiting for me with anticipation. THEY KNOW THEIR BARF FOOD HAS ARRIVED!!!

I can only say when your dog or cat starts eating BARF he/she will enjoy the taste and the benefits.

If you would like your pet(s) to have a long healthy life feed them the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. BARF. It’s that simple.

For more infomation on BARF got to Dr B’s BARF go to

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