Walk to Cure Diabetes

Each year I am involved in a the Walk to Cure Diabetes event. I do the pre and post massage on the dogs who do the walk. There is more and more dogs who join the families every year!

From walk.jdrf.org.au:

The Walk to Cure Diabetes is the only national family day for the type 1 diabetes community to join together to support medical research that will improve the lives of people with the disease, and ultimately find a cure.

Around 40,000 people around Australia will join the Walk to Cure Diabetes this year, with the goal of raising over $2 million for critical medical research.

122,300 Australians have type 1 diabetes and there is no cure, yet. Kids and adults with this disease require a daily regime of 3 – 6 insulin injections or continuous infusion of insulin through a pump, as well as 6 – 8 finger-prick blood tests, just to stay alive.

Researchers are working hard to more fully understand the complicated mix of genetic and environmental factors that may cause or trigger this disease. However, it is certain that going on a diet or cutting down on sugar doesn’t stop type 1 diabetes.

Mike Wilson CEO of JDRF, urged anyone who is affected by type 1 diabetes to get involved in the Walk to Cure Diabetes.

“It’s a great time to connect with all those who share the hope about type 1 diabetes because the pace of research change is increasing and our efforts really are driving progress forward.”

In the community

I love being able to help dogs in the community using my skills. These are some of the times that I have spent time giving back to the community.