Animal Welfare League

My husband and I are proud volunteers of the Animal Welfare League of South Australia.

The Animal Welfare League is an amazing organisation that cares for 20,000 lost and abandoned animals each year. I always encourage animal lovers, who would like to adopt a pet to visit the site,

I have the privilege of running dog massage workshops for the staff and volunteers of the Animal Welfare League. The dog massage workshop has proved to be very popular so now I run two workshops per month. The massage is very beneficial for the dogs at the shelter as it assists them to be calm, relax and be less anxious.

The massage techniques I use help those dogs who have been abused or mistreated to become accustomed to human touch and socialization.

In the community

I love being able to help dogs in the community using my skills. These are some of the times that I have spent time giving back to the community.